PPC Management

If  you are looking to quickly generate traffic to your website from relevant users, pay-per-click is the strategy that will work for you. We incorporate a variety of proven techniques to your ad campaigns that are designed to give your business the highest ROI.

Our PPC experts will provide you with:

  • Custom market analyses of your industry
  • Custom ad copy
  • Remarketing, affinity, and in-marketing targeting
  • Keyword research throughout your ad campaign
  • Access to Bing advertising and Google AdWords suites

By utilizing PPC, you can specify the exact types of users that you want to come to your website – whether this be by job title, income level, certain behaviors, or even interests. Your ads will only be shown to users that meet these criteria.

PPC even gives your business the chance to capture users who visited your site in the past, but did not convert into sales revenue. This is called “remarketing”. By using this practice, we can offer additional incentives, such as videos or image advertising to encourage these users to revisit your website and make a purchase.  Charleston SEO can set up and maintain the remarketing strategy for your company.

Another important advertising group that can be reached through PPC are “affinity” groups. This group includes users that frequently visit certain types of websites. For example, a viewer that is interested in running shoes who always shops at Dick’s Sporting Goods, may not know “The Online Shoe Palace” also sells similar brands of shoes at lower prices and higher quality.  Through PPC, you will be able to target this market.

“In-marketing” is a method that our experts use to attract new consumers who have been searching for your product or service within the past 7 days. We can even target users who may have visited one of your competitors’ sites.

PPC is a great method to augment your SEO strategy to target both through paid, organic, and social media so you are reaching a bigger audience and having more instances of your brand appearing in front of customers.  Contact Charleston SEO today for a consultation.